Leveling the Recruiting Playing Field

The demand for qualified labor is at an all-time high and the current shortage is not expected to change for years.  Some forecasts say decades.  When coupling that projection with the recruiting resources and specialization of professional temp-staffing firms and other giant corporations, companies quickly see the importance of a comprehensive recruiting solution.

Perpetual Labor Sourcing, PLS, was built from the experience and blueprint of a successful skilled staffing venture.  Our founders have decades of experience in efficient, high-volume labor sourcing and wanted to give contractors the recruiting capabilities to bypass temporary staffing firms and ease labor constraints from affecting growth and profitability.

The investment in a partnership with PLS is typically less than the cost of an internal recruiter with minimal resources and not near the results.


Recruiting Partnership

Our founders invested decades in skilled staffing and developed systems to "out-recruit" other professional staffing firms.  PLS partners with clients and bolts this successful system of labor sourcing directly to the client's own HR department.  The result is recruiting capabilities on par with professional staffing firms and substantially better than client competition.

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SUTA Claim Mitigation

Are you a PEO or similar service that SUTA rate substantially affects bid competitiveness, profitability, or value of service?   PLS continually looks for new applicant conduits and can partner with companies to help find new opportunities for former employees.  PLS will communicate to the previous employer job opportunities the candidate may or may not have pursued to help mitigate claims.

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